Evolving Lies

Things which are set, do not evolve, this, my friend, is my resolve,
Holding fast to The Lord God, Who, reigns above this earthly sod,
Trusting in God’s Eternal Word, not just suggestions to be inferred,
But Truth from the mouth of The Lord, Truth that cannot be ignored.

From mortal man’s evolving thought, many deceptions are wrought,
Changing words, spoken by, The Eternal God, Who reigns on High,
High above this temporal earth, Whose Words are of Eternal Worth,
As they show disdain and reproof, for those who hold Eternal Truth.

Our ways aren’t progressive at all, with beliefs too narrow and small,
To accept post-modern thought, in embracing their changes sought,
Changes sought by the liberal mind, as they leave all morals behind,
God’s unchanging moral law, which causes liberals to falter and fall.

Falling because of darkened hearts, so from The Lord man departs,
Creating for men an amoral state, wanting all to progressively relate,
Changing ways that can’t change, for God above remains the same,
An unchanging God in all His ways, Who is defied in the latter days.

God’s Word, that does not change, to liberal minds may be strange,
But, His Word, that in stone was cast, throughout all eternity will last,
As man’s thoughts will fade away, God’s Words, shall eternally stay,
Being the only words of any stability, in a culture of amoral liberality.

(Copyright ©08/2012 Bob Gotti)

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