God’s Gospel Alone

The Word of God

When you add to God’s Grace, you’ll deny true saving faith,
The saving faith that we all need, as the Gospel we do heed,
As the Gospel Truth we believe, God’s Salvation we receive,
Through the Grace of God alone, adding nothing of our own.

If you take away from the Truth, you shall see God’s reproof,
Dismissing what God has done, through the work of His Son,
His work complete for all of us, through the Son Christ Jesus,
Completing for every nation, God’s requirement for Salvation.

Jesus Christ is Judge over all, souls cursed from Adam’s fall,
As all men, from every nation, fall under God’s condemnation,
While sin separates everyone, from a Holy God on His Throne,
So apart from The Lord Jesus, judgment is ahead for all of us.

But, God so loved the world, The Truth men continue to herald,
Christ died for the sin of us all, to redeem us from Adam’s fall,
Christ was buried, but rose again, to offer salvation to all men,
Seen was The Resurrected Christ, Who now offers Eternal Life.

Of His Gospel that you heard, do not take or add to His Word,
God and Creator of the universe, Lord and Savior of this earth,
Who finished all from Calvary, of the salvation for you and me,
This was our Savior Jesus Christ, in whom we have Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©07/2012 Bob Gotti)

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