Eternity For All

The Word of God

Soon for all eternity will start, when from this life we depart,
From this world, as we know it, to a time that is eternally lit,
One with light from the Lord, who we never saw but adored,
And one in darkness lit by fire, for God, they had no desire.

We cannot really fathom friend, what shall be, after the end.
That is after the end of this life, with or without Jesus Christ,
We know what the Bible states, for all ahead, eternity awaits,
A place in eternity all will receive, whether or not you believe.

What we know all should heed, what in scripture we do read,
As God declared by His Son, the future ahead for everyone,
Words from The Creator, of a time coming, sooner not later,
For all on this earthly sphere, time in eternity is drawing near.

A time all the prophets decried, a time that cannot be denied,
A dark time that is to come, that believers will be saved from,
This won’t be for many though, fact that others need to know,
As tribulation proceeds eternity, judgment, all nations will see.

But the Tribulation isn’t the end, for every soul on earth friend,
That will just end God’s Wrath, putting men on an eternal path,
A time you can’t fully conceive, whether or not you do believe.
However, Christ said it shall be, so all men shall enter Eternity.

The question being life or death, as men take their last breath,
Although we cannot comprehend, an eternity we all will spend,
Will your eternity be with Christ, as you enter into Eternal Life?
Or will you deny the Lord, to be in darkness eternally ignored?

(Copyright ©07/2012 Bob Gotti)

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