Believer’s Soil

Believers need to have good soil, this, so the enemy cannot foil,
Those plans, which God has for us, as we follow our Lord Jesus;
The soil, being believer’s hearts, as The Word, The Spirit imparts,
Eternal Truths, of The Word of God, as we travel this earthly sod,
God’s Truth in our heart every day, as we travel life’s Narrow Way.

The same soil in which we received, saving Truth, as we believed,
Is the soil in which His Spirit sows, living Truths into all He knows,
Believers in this present life, who’ve come to faith in Jesus Christ,
Working through the heart of man, as our Lord works out His plan,
Equipping us while upon this sod, to live for the Glory of our God.

In these days the heart soil within, can be tainted by a world of sin,
Seed may be snatched from our heart, even before it gets its start,
Or in a believer, can be found, a heart much like that rocky ground,
It could even be thorny my friend, and choked by cares in the end,
But, may our hearts be rich ground, so God’s Truths, may resound.

As believers we now have a task, one, which Satan wants to mask,
Causing believer’s soil not to be, filled with God’s goals of eternity,
The goals known by the enemy of, God, Who leads us from above,
To foil the plans, which he knows, that in our hearts The Lord sows;
So while led by The Holy Spirit, we must live out Truth as we hear it.

We can’t have eyes that cannot see, our purpose in light of eternity,
Or live life with ears that cannot hear, with the end so possibly near,
For at times, when we hear The Word, we act as if we haven’t heard;
Hopefully we can humble our hearts, moved by words God imparts,
To allow The Truths that we know, enable us, to be fruitful and grow.

(Copyright ©07/2012 Bob Gotti)

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