Right Christian Belief

The Christian Body, that’s you and me, live in light of orthodoxy,
The right belief of Revelation, which creates a strong foundation,
Unchanging Truths in Scripture, give to us a foundational picture,
Of God’s Truth that we live by, unchanging Truths, we can’t deny.

The first is The Lord God’s Unity; He is The Only God of Eternity,
Then there’s The Holy Trinity; Father, Son and The Spirit are three;
In the virgin birth we do believe, as our Savior Mary did conceive,
The Spirit conceived The Sinless Christ, sinless all His earthly life.

In light of man’s total depravity, The Lord came to save humanity,
While The Lord retained His deity, as The Lord God of all Eternity;
And Christ was fully human too, walking on earth like me and you,
For Christ came to this sinful place, to grant sinners Saving Grace.

Saved by faith in Jesus Christ, Who came to give men eternal life,
For we trust in God’s sacrifice, The Atoning Death of Jesus Christ,
But God had resurrected His Son; Christ, giving hope to everyone,
And Christ is coming back again, as Judge and Savior, of all men.

These beliefs are our foundation, Essential pillars of our Salvation,
Essential beliefs revealed to us, through the life of our Lord Jesus,
Unalterable beliefs for everyone, who comes to God’s Eternal Son,
For His Salvation and Eternal Life, through the Savior Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©07/2012 Bob Gotti)

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