Relationships Ordained

God's Sovereignty

Relationships are ordained by God, all around this world men trod,
A relationship between man and wife, ordained by God for this life,
Sex, was also ordained by The Lord, one fact that is often ignored,
Through the words that we receive, in the garden to Adam and Eve.

Sexuality, which God ordained, in that garden, today has remained,
As God’s standard for all the earth, to procreate through child birth,
This was God’s marriage declaration, to fill His ordered procreation,
For through marriage man fulfills, that need to multiply as God wills.

Sex reveals the heart of man, in light of our Creator’s ordained plan,
With sex involving a man’s thought, good or evil by man is wrought,
For inside of marriage it’s honorable, outside of it is against His will,
As this institute is understood, proclaimed by God to be very good.

God’s one purpose for relationship, is intimacy and companionship,
In that garden, filled with bliss, God acknowledged man’s loneliness,
It’s not good for man to be alone, so He created a mate for his own,
Man and woman, one flesh together, a relationship to remain forever.

Sex is problematic or purposeful, this inside or outside of God’s will,
As it’s loving, pleasurable and also pure, in marriages that do endure,
Or it can lead one to immorality, as one falls to fornication or adultery,
Choices to be made by every man, accepting or rejecting God’s Plan.

This day, in light of Adam’s fall, we must be under the Spirit’s control,
Following God’s Holy Word is a must, lest, our hearts fall prey to lust,
Whether married or single my friend, God’s Holiness must be our end,
In our relationships while in this life, as we seek to honor Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©06/2012 Bob Gotti)

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