God’s Canvas Above

God's Sovereignty

The Artist behind the canvas above, the sky’s what I’m speaking of,
Stretched above so wide and blue, every day a painting brand new,
God’s painting above for all to see, painted by The Lord of Eternity,
The canvas above God’s Creation, visible by every man and nation.

He begins every day with the sun, The Creator’s Light for everyone,
Keeping God’s touch in mind, sometimes the sun He hides behind,
Those clouds, so white and full, all through The Lord’s creative rule,
When the Lord does paint the sky, which is seen through every eye.

God ends each day not the same, although the clouds may remain,
As night begins He paints the sun, well over this earth’s far horizon,
Turning the sky to a black canopy, to paint those stars that we see,
With the sun replaced by the moon, along with stars that are strewn.

This is just the sky above my friend, for God’s Creation has no end,
It goes beyond what we can see, for God is The Creator of Eternity,
But, what God chooses to display, is a witness to all nations today,
His witness that men come to know, The Lord above all men below.

God’s Creation, to all mankind, is The Creators testimony to remind,
There’s a Creator beyond the sky, One, Who created both you and I,
Whose witness creates accountability, for every person that can see,
That above man there is a Creator, Who sent Christ to be our Savior.

(Copyright ©06/2012 Bob Gotti)

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