Rome Revisited

The End Times

To God, all evil is an abomination, what does He think of our nation,
A country led by darkened men, whose ways The Lord will condemn,
Is this today for us a wake-up call, in a nation which is about to fall?
Under the Judgment of God’s Hand, in an ever increasing dark land.

Rome, remember had fallen from within, due to the wages of her sin,
Not only one city, but the empire, led away through darkened desire,
Amoral desire from the political top, once started they couldn’t stop,
Rome spiraling down to her end, to the point of judgment my friend.

Judgment could be at our door, as our darkness abounds, for sure,
Stirred by political leaders in place, taking for granted God’s Grace,
Many leading this nation far away, from The Lord’s Righteous ways,
As the amoral, liberal ways askew, the righteous ways that we knew.

Righteousness that was the foundation, of this God blessed nation,
While men shake their fists at God, only inviting His Righteous Rod,
A rod that will bring judgment to, that blessed nation we once knew,
As we move to an immoral abyss, dismissing God’s Righteousness.

All across this country we trod, leaders are turning against our God,
Denying God, who brought salvation, to this blessed gentile nation,
Turning our light to darkness friend, as we see the approaching end,
The same judgment that Rome saw, when they ignored God over all.

(Copyright ©06/2012 Bob Gotti)

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