Following God’s Principles

When God’s principals we obey, His Spirit helps us not to stray,
For believers, it is a must, that we practice obedience and trust,
Trusting God with all our heart; from His ways we will not depart,
Letting Wisdom have Her way, while we follow God, day by day.

We must work unto The Lord, a practice that’s not to be ignored,
Working with Christ by our side; our Lord God above is glorified,
God is not mocked or deceived, knowing ways we’ve conceived,
As we will reap all we’ve sown, as all our ways by Him are known.

All believers must contemplate, the seven things, God does hate,
Living in our present world of sin, this as we strive to live for Him;
Haughty eyes coming from pride, an evil, we can’t allow to reside,
As it caused Adam’s race to fall; one’s sin which is far from small.

For pride is Satan’s choice leaven, which he uses to fuel all seven,
Beginning with the lying tongue, affecting all souls old and young;
Hands which shed innocent blood, while evil comes on as a flood,
Following that heart of a wicked man, as one devising an evil plan.

With feet that rush to evil ways, in our ever increasing darker days;
A false witness that breaths lies, another thing God does despise;
Also one who does sow discord, among the brothers of The Lord.
Of these seven God speaks of, it is an abomination to Him above.

All of the seven we too must hate, for with God, there’s no debate,
As God’s principles we will learn, these are more than just concern,
But, are from the very heart of Him, God, Who saved us out of sin,
Saved to live anew in all of our life, all while we live in Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©06/2012 Bob Gotti)

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