Keep Your Eyes On The Sky

The End Times

Believers must look to the sky, for Him, Who comes from on high,
As The Lord comes in the clouds, this, to receive His holy crowds,
First those who went before us, all those who died in Christ Jesus,
Then all those in Christ, still alive, up in those clouds, we will arrive.

Believers with Christ forevermore, all with our Lord eternally secure,
When every believer in Jesus Christ, will begin with Him, eternal life,
With the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, all of us with the Great I AM,
And the Judgment Seat of Christ for all, all our works big and small.

As this begins for believers friend, all on earth shall begin their end,
As God begins the Tribulation, for each unbelieving man and nation,
Then during this God shall fulfill, His Plan to purge His nation Israel,
Purifying one third of His nation; as the wicked see His Devastation.

This wrath Christians shall not see, as we have stepped into eternity,
Saved not to suffer God’s Wrath, as we were put on a blessed path,
God’s path that delivered all of us, from His Wrath, by Christ Jesus,
Setting us apart from wicked men, who, The Lord God will condemn.

For us there is no condemnation, when we embrace God’s Salvation,
From The Word Paul helps us learn, we are to wait for Christ’s return,
Our Blessed Hope, we’re to long for, even while Christ is at the door,
To take us Home, to be with Him, far removed from this world of sin.

(Copyright ©06/2012 Bob Gotti)

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