Fully Trust In God

Believers today, cannot afford, not to trust entirely in The Lord,
Trusting God with all one’s heart, knowing that He won’t depart,
Acknowledge Him in all you do; straight paths He gives to you,
Helping you through all your life, while you trust in Jesus Christ.

Trust in God with a reverent fear, knowing that He’s always near,
And Wisdom shall guard your life, in a world where trials are rife,
His Light shines upon every road, as you share your heavy load,
All that is a burden in your way, as Christ guides you day to day.

In God’s sovereignty, over all, big things to us, to Him are small,
In all your times and everywhere, recognize His providential care,
Obeying Truth that you’ve heard, knowing Him through His Word,
If you will not forget God’s Law, Truth shall help you avoid a fall.

Be not wise in your own eyes, and sin God leads you to despise,
While you shun evil all your days, living by The Lords Holy Ways;
Should by the choice you make, put you on a wrong path to take,
God rebukes you for your selection, don’t despise His correction.

Trust not in what you understand, but rely on God’s guiding hand,
And the Author of your Salvation, shall guide you in all tribulation,
Fully trusting in our Lord above, to guide you with grace and love,
As God guides you in your life, through The Spirit of Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©06/2012 Bob Gotti)

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