Each Day In His Hands

I may not know what happens today, as The Lord guides the way,
But, my times are in His hands, in ways no one truly understands,
I may even purpose within my heart, while a new day has its start,
But God directs the path I take, He’s in charge, make no mistake.

The Lord directs this course of time, all within His Eternal Design,
God is sovereign over everything, which is earth and every being,
Directing both nations and men, by ways we cannot comprehend,
By His sovereign control over all; nations and men, big and small.

Sovereign Creator of all the earth, to man God gave special worth,
Making man in the very image of, The Creator, Who reigns above,
Intent on a relationship with man, this was indeed His original plan,
A plan Satan desired to impede, but, ultimately God will succeed!

God spoke by prophets of old, but since sent His Son to behold,
God’s Eternal Son Jesus Christ, to restore the plan of eternal life,
Sent to reconcile man with God, when Jesus came to earth’s sod,
Restoring that relationship for me, with The Creator of All Eternity.

So whatever pleases God in my life, He leads me in Jesus Christ,
Guiding me around every bend, knowing how each day shall end,
Days that I cannot understand, I simply leave in The Lord’s Hand,
For as a member of God’s Family, He knows what is best for me.

(Copyright ©06/2012 Bob Gotti)

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