Time To Stand Opposed

Truth may be black and white, but some choose the dark of night,
When it comes to political views, many simply shift and just muse.
Thinking of all, but God’s Word, ignoring Truths that they’ve heard,
Truths which should be our light, in this world where wrong is right.

Compromising Scripture for man; it’s not of God but Satan’s plan,
Satan’s plan to hinder God’s Truth; look around and see the proof,
An amoral nation we’ve become, as for Truth we’re biblically dumb,
Following the ways of wicked men, in a nation God shall condemn!

The Truth has become irrelevant, so how long shall The Lord relent?
He, who put His Law in our heart, from which many chose to depart,
This country shall have no excuse, regardless of how leaders muse,
As their thinking is devoid of God, so they’ll see His Righteous Rod,

Unfortunately some in The Church, follow their wicked political lurch,
As they make changes suddenly, they defy the God over all eternity,
The Laws ascribed by a Holy God, for all men upon this earthly sod,
Yet more are following the evil ways, of immoral leaders in our days.

It is time for many to take a stand, in an ever increasing amoral land,
All, who know Christ’s Righteousness, must oppose the wickedness,
Being Christ’s Light in this world, where Satan’s darkness is unfurled,
In a world that is turning dark as night, to point others to God’s Light.

(Copyright ©05/2012 Bob Gotti)

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