Where’s The Urgency?

Probing Questions

Shouldn’t we have a true urgency, about this thing we call eternity?
While we are in this temporal time, to help change a thinking mind;
Shouldn’t those in the Body of Christ, have an urgency in this life?
Urgency for family and friend, knowing that Grace could soon end!

Shouldn’t Scripture move our heart, within this Age to do our part?
In leading more souls to the Faith, while it is still the Age of Grace;
Shouldn’t we speak in a bolder way, of what Scripture has to say?
About the end, that faces all, peoples everywhere, great and small.

Shouldn’t Scriptures in our heart, burden us with a desire to impart,
The Truths we find in God’s Word, which so many, have not heard?
Truths that we’re not only to read, but, Truths that we all must heed,
Truths that we all must embrace, moved by God’s unmerited Grace.

Where is the urgency of our call, from Christ our Lord, to reach all?
With God’s only Truth that saves, any soul from the coming waves,
Of Christ’s soon Righteous Judgment; this is why we’ve been sent,
To reach all the spiritually lost, with God’s saving Truth at any cost.

When we’re rapture to God’s Son, this Age of Grace shall be done,
With The Restrainer out of the way, God’s Judgment, will not delay,
With strong delusion from on high, all men shall believe Satan’s lie,
Not embracing God’s Saving Truth, all shall see His strong reproof!

God’s Judgment will be their end, whether they are family or friend,
For their refusing The Truth of Christ, they will never see eternal life,
So an urgency must fill our heart, before from this earth, we depart,
So that others can enter into eternity, as members of God’s Family.

(Copyright ©05/2012 Bob Gotti)

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