With Darkness Looming

With darkness looming now, the question for us is, why and how?
The question’s for God’s Church, while weekly in a pew they perch,
Learning in God’s Word each week, yet, at times we do not speak,
As right has now becomes wrong, we have become a quiet throng.

Why is the Church quiet friend, about the prophesied coming end?
Why are some folks blinded to, the darkness around me and you?
Why is there not more urgency, in light of darkness which we see?
Why are some not concerned at all, while we watch our nation fall?

How can Christ’s Body be divided, as we are all to be likeminded?
How can some embrace the ways, of political figures in our days?
How can some pretend it’s right, with their views as dark as night?
How can we not be concerned, with all The Bible we have learned?

It is for the times like this in life; we need to stand for Jesus Christ,
Sealed in God’s Righteousness, we must live our life in soberness,
Being His Witnesses in the world, as we see the darkness unfurled,
Believers need to be of one mind, while we witness the end of time.

For we should not have any fear, of pointing out the darkness near,
A darkness that has blinded some, of the evil time, that have come,
Deceiving the Elect, if possible, as Satan works out his wicked will,
Preaching to us, wrong is right; we must in the dark be God’s Light.

(Copyright ©05/2012 Bob Gotti)

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