Environmental Concerns

Many cry about the environment, ignoring the One God had sent,
The One, Who created all we see, The Lord God, over all eternity,
It is He, Who above earth reigns; as all things alone, He sustains,
Needing not any cause of man, in accomplishing His eternal plan.

Overseeing seas and lands, He is not above, wringing His Hands,
In His plan there’s not a pause, waiting on help from man’s cause,
While many upon this earthly sod, have made this earth their god,
Serving the god that they create, wanting to master their own fate.

What many don’t know my friend, in God’s Plan earth has no end,
Starting with one thousand years, knowing no environmental fears,
As the Millennium God does birth, for Christ to rule upon the earth,
Continuing, as He always reigned, on the earth He alone sustained.

Earth God shall surely purge, as the Millennium and eternity merge,
Dissolving much with Heavenly fires, from The Lord as His desires;
Making a New Heaven and Earth, filling both, with His Eternal Mirth,
While the only thing that shall end, is all evil unrighteousness friend.

So don’t worry about the environment, believe in the One God sent,
As your Lord and The Creator, and He will be your eternal Sustainer,
If you accept Him as your Savior, you’ll be on earth with the Creator,
Believe in Christ and you will see, God’s Creation shall last Eternally.

(Copyright ©05/2012 Bob Gotti)

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