My Little Light

I need my little light to shine, for The Savior, all the time,
That light God has put in me, for everyone around to see,
The difference now in my life, in the Light of Jesus Christ,
Each and every place I go, my light for Christ must show.

The light God has put in me, is light that leads to eternity,
A light that leads other men, to know that I’m Born Again,
Born of God’s Spirit above, providing all light I speak of,
Light that is all from God, this I say with a confident nod.

A light must shine every place, as we’re still under Grace,
In an age where wrong’s right, I need to show God’s light,
Light shines best in the dark, and it begins with His spark,
From God’s light deep within, to be light in a world of sin.

When I’m going through a trial, His light shines, no denial,
Through a trial or in a test, God’s light surely shines best,
It is Christ’s Light men see, not the strength of you or me,
For in a day when all is wrong, it is His light that is strong.

God’s light reflects true peace, that all see doesn’t cease,
Peace that is from the Lord, by others, goes not ignored,
As God affords us in this life, to point all to Jesus Christ,
For His light shines anytime, as I’m God’s and He is mine.

(Copyright ©05/2012 Bob Gotti)

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