Beginning Of Strong Delusion

A precursor to that Strong Delusion, is the only sound conclusion,
Why, darkness in politics is ignored, by some who know The Lord,
Ignorance is bliss, many say, is this the face of the Church today?
As some ignore Biblical insight, to embrace what is truly not right!

That Strong Delusion I speak of, will be poured down from above,
By The Lord as a strong reproof, on all who embrace not the Truth,
All those who know not our God, who will see instead His Iron Rod,
When Christ Judges every nation, this, according to His Revelation.

Is this just part of that falling away, in God’s Church, we see today?
Falling away from the Truths we hold, as The End begins to unfold.
Christ asked, will He find faith, when He returns at the end of Grace,
So is this the beginning of the fall, prophesied by the Apostle Paul?

How can we lead others to Light, when we embrace wrong as right?
As we ignore the darkness of man, supporting an even darker plan!
Are we not watchmen on the wall, to warn others of the coming fall?
Of a land falling from righteousness, due to that nation’s ignorance!

Yes, God’s people were destroyed, when ignorance was employed,
As light and darkness will not mix, when we stray for political picks,
For ignorance shall never bliss, when you stray from righteousness,
As all darkness will be condemned, by a Righteous God in the end!

(Copyright ©05/2012 Bob Gotti)

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