His Watchcare

Under the watchcare of The Lord, nothing by God goes ignored,
Under God’s care how can I not, be contented, whatever my lot?
Whatever should come my way, He’s in my life and here to stay,
From the morning through the night, I am forever, in God’s sight.

Should my mind stray to despair, my heart knows I’m in His care,
Under His watchcare from above, He leads me in unceasing love,
I sure don’t know what’s in store, but, God does and much more,
Should I experience a darker day, God knows to help on the way.

Setting the entire course for me, from my conception to Eternity,
God knows every path and bend, from the beginning to the end,
Knowing God, I need never to fear, for my Savior is always near,
So any new concern I can share, anytime with my Lord anywhere.

I trust in God’s Righteousness, when I walk through the darkness,
As The Lord’s Light shines on me, helping me in that dark to see,
Even when I cannot see ahead, God’s peace restrains any dread,
With peace I just can’t understand, as God holds me in His hand.

Friend, how can I not be assured, as I am watched by The Lord?
Assured by my Savior in my life, this as I walk with Jesus Christ,
Who, in all the trials that I face, always provides sufficient Grace,
As in this life God’s preparing me, for that life forever in Eternity.

(Copyright ©05/2012 Bob Gotti)

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