Hope And Change

The End Times

We must be ready in any season, to give others the real reason,
For the hope they sense in us, as we point them to Christ Jesus,
And we must be ready any time, to direct them to God’s Design,
For hope that is above this world, as His Truth to men we herald.

The hope and change that we heard, has not at all been unfurled,
Instead of a hope and change, if not worse, things are the same,
For this was not of the Lord’s Plan, but, it was that of fallen man,
Providing no hope, but despair, for men and women, everywhere.

Real change comes from above, through God, they speak not of,
As they push a dark emptiness, lacking Truth and Righteousness,
Setting the course for God’s enemy, to deceive souls for eternity,
Using men on a political stage, to prepare men for a darker page!

That page right out of Prophecy, from God’s Word, for all to see,
Right from the book of Revelation, these men of Satan’s creation,
Setting this world for a darker time, that will be of Satan’s design,
While he reveals the Antichrist, to change the way all live their life.

Change that shall surely permeate, the entire world fueled by hate,
Hate spread throughout this world, as his dark change is unfurled,
Upon all of the people left behind, given over to that darker mind,
As God’s Truth was ignored, dismissing true Hope from The Lord.

But, you can still find that place, in God’s Plan through His Grace,
While still in this very present age, before our Lord turns the page,
Receiving Hope in Jesus Christ, being changed by Him in this life,
Placed upon God’s eternal path; saved from all the coming Wrath.

(Copyright ©04/2012 Bob Gotti)

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