Simplicity Of The Gospel

The Word of God

Friend it’s so easy to receive, when God’s Truth you believe,
Saving Grace from our Lord, when His Salvation is implored,
As you truly believe in your heart, The Spirit, God will impart,
Sending the Holy Spirit of Christ, when The Lord saves a life.

As the jailer had asked Paul, what shall I do to save my soul?
Believe on The Lord to be saved, this is what Paul had raved,
Saying nothing more, to that one, but, believe on God’s Son,
Who, finished all for you and me, upon that Cross of Calvary.

God finished salvation for us, through The Lord, Christ Jesus,
“It is finished” was His cry, completing salvation for you and I,
Our only work is to believe, with this, salvation we will receive,
Through our simple act of faith, we are saved by God’s Grace.

Like the thief upon the cross, being one filled with sin’s dross,
He said to Christ, remember me, next to The Cross of Calvary,
Christ knowing He paid the price, He, referred him to Paradise,
He said today you’ll be with me, as He was pointing to eternity.

Calvary’s Cross is God’s only way, to receive Salvation today,
Righteousness credit by “I AM”, base on his faith, to Abraham,
Is the Righteousness we receive, when, in The Lord we believe,
It’s all about God’s Saving Grace, simply received by our faith.

(Copyright ©04/2012 Bob Gotti)

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