Eternity Is Looming

The Word of God

Many people just can’t see, the looming Truth of Eternity,
An endless time ahead for all, yes indeed, for every soul,
Every soul upon this earth, is here today, by natural birth,
Here for a time all will die; these are truths you can’t deny.

Many don’t give a thought, to what choices have wrought,
This, in the light of eternity, or even what life after may be;
Some have bought the lie, live merry for tomorrow we die,
Giving after life not a thought, as God’s Truth isn’t sought.

Only one life’s decreed by God, for beings on earth’s sod,
As He Decrees our last breath, the time that we see death,
This encounter will then lead, to Judgment, for all decreed,
Appointed to all by our Creator, Who is also man’s Savior.

Time on earth God gives us, so we may seek Christ Jesus,
Who paid the judgment for all, charged on us from the fall,
Reconciling God with men, when in Christ we’re born again,
Removing the sting of death, while giving us eternal breath.

You may not believe this friend, as all life on earth will end,
Our soul lives on eternally, but in darkness without Calvary,
Which, gave us Eternal Life, through the Lord, Jesus Christ.
Come to Him before the end; eternity with Him you’ll spend.

(Copyright ©04/2012 Bob Gotti)

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