As God Changes Another Heart

Spiritual Change

We cannot read between each line, for the power of God is divine,
When God enters another heart, from guessing we need to depart,
Every new believer, needs to grow, for the Truths of God to show,
And as the new believer grows; Truths to those about them shows.

It is The Spirit, not any of us, Who draws each one to Christ Jesus,
And as His Spirit begins to reside, God’s changes will begin inside,
The heart of the new believer too, just like God did for me and you,
So as The Spirit moves their heart, changing Truths they will impart.

It’s God’s Spirit, Who will begin, sharing the changing Truths within,
As each believer shares the Truth, in being the Lord’s saving proof,
Of a believer’s spiritual change, sharing The Truth in Christ’s Name,
The truth of just how and when, they, by God, became Born Again.

Encouraged by The Spirit of Christ, they will grow in their New Life,
As The Savior’s New Creation, through the Power of His Salvation,
The very power that they received, when God’s Truth they believed,
As they came to that saving faith, all by the power of God’s Grace.

That Grace that’ll help them grow, in the Truths they come to know,
Again, as one more blessed soul, allows The Spirit to take control,
Producing evidence in their life, of changes made by Jesus Christ,
As Christ alone, receives the glory, for yet another Salvation Story.

(Copyright ©04/2012 Bob Gotti)

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