Under His Wings

Whatever, my way, this life brings, I am safely under His Wings,
Under the wings of my Lord, by Whom, my life is never ignored,
Safely under His wings of Love, as He protects me from above,
Through this life I can be sure, in my Lord, I am safe and secure.

Within my Lord’s Everlasting Arms, I am safe from undue harms,
Though I may run into tribulation, He is The God of my Salvation,
Knowing I’m free from the curse, life without Him was truly worse,
Truly alone in the darkness of sin, without Grace, granted by Him.

As a dark storm pours upon me, I know The Lord God of Eternity,
By The One, in Whom I’m saved, in His palm, I’ve been engraved,
Engraved forever; there to stay, as He watches me night and day,
Being never far from God’s sight, as He guides me day and night.

The One, Who knit me in the womb, is there should troubles loom,
For all of my troubles, He is aware, as I am continually in His care,
I am always in the eyes of The Lord, this by God I’m fully assured,
With me from the beginning to end; He’s my Lord, God and friend.

Under The Wings of loving care, of The Lord, Who is always there,
Every new day, to see me through, all of the things God foreknew,
Also, my Lord knows all that’s ahead, so I haven’t a need to dread,
Any new trials or tribulation, but, just trust the Lord of my Salvation.

(Copyright ©04/2012 Bob Gotti)

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