Forgiveness From Calvary

When by God a soul is forgiven, the Spirit of Christ you are given,
The Holy Spirit marks a life, forgiven by God through Jesus Christ,
Friend when we come to Calvary, Christ changes both you and me,
Making a soul into a New Creation, through His Power of Salvation.

That soul with God, in one accord, as they come to Christ as Lord,
Now forgiven of their sinful past, they receive new life that will last,
A new life beginning at the cross, when cleansed of all sin’s dross,
Then looking to the Resurrection, Christ gives us His new direction.

A new direction while on the earth, when we experience a new birth,
When born through The Spirit above, born of God, in Christ’s love,
His love, that forgives all our sin, changing each heart deep within,
Creating forgiveness in each heart, that God, to others, can impart.

When by The Lord we are forgiven, by Christ’s Spirit we are driven,
To forgive others, just like Christ, this for us, is not a big sacrifice,
Considering all that God has done, for men, through His Only Son,
His love can flow from each of us, as we forgive, like Christ Jesus.

Any forgiveness that from us is shown, is not from us, on our own,
But, through the Spirit of Christ, who, manifests for God a new life,
A new life for the Glory of God, to touch hearts on this earthly sod,
With the forgiving spirit of Calvary, that leads souls to life eternally.

(Copyright ©04/2012 Bob Gotti)

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