Overwhelming Trials

Something bigger God is doing, when trials in a life are brewing,
Even as darkness may overwhelm, a life, with Christ at the helm,
It may be an illness or a trial, but, He’s at work, there’s no denial,
Touching souls, through all of us, those who follow Christ Jesus.

My life belongs to God down here, in Him I have no need to fear,
For my life here, is a walk of faith, led by Christ’s love and grace,
And God has a much larger plan, desiring the heart of every man,
So God may use my tribulation, to reach a soul with His Salvation.

Christ said tribulation would come, but He Himself, has overcome,
And not only for this earthly time, but, life to come that is sublime,
That time ahead, is sure to come, for all purchased by God’s Son,
Those who met Christ at Calvary, will overcome, with Him eternally.

Trial and tribulation is not my end, as I travel around a darker bend,
On this path God gives me peace, that in dark times doesn’t cease,
The end of all down here for me, begins my life with God in eternity,
The moment I step into Eternal Life, to live forever with Jesus Christ.

Soon all my trials will pass away, as I enter eternity with Him to stay,
When I step through that final door, I will be with Christ forevermore,
With all former things well behind, with a pure eternal peace of mind,
Where these times I will not miss, as I’m surrounded by eternal bliss.

(Copyright ©04/2012 Bob Gotti)

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