It’s Not Fun

Friend, having cancer is not fun, but, praise God the victory’s won,
While my earthly life I may lose, but from God, I have Good News,
If I should die, I will live forever, so what my friend could be better,
Receiving my new body, glorified, I shall live as if I had never died.

With this cancer I occasionally pause, but, my life still has a cause,
This life is for The Lord to use, as a witness, of God’s Good News,
Though I sometimes deal with pain, for me, there is an eternal gain,
That life cancer cannot take away, as God comforts me day to day.

As this cancer changes my world, God’s Truth, I continue to herald,
For one day soon I will be changed, in a way God has prearranged,
When I die or that trumpet sounds, with Christ I will be in the clouds.
Right in the place prepared for me, with my Lord through all eternity.

Friend, it’s knowing Jesus Christ, that helps me in this temporal life,
Knowing all pain will one day cease, and I’ll enter into eternal peace,
Remembering Christ is omniscient, that His grace shall be sufficient,
As Christ knows my darkest days, He strengthens me, to His praise.

Cancer brings on pain and strife, and so my true hope is eternal life,
Anticipation of The Blessed Hope, is that source that helps to cope,
Since my earthly frame is but dust, in my Savior, I place all my trust,
For when I reach that Eternal Shore, I shall recall my cancer no more.

(Copyright ©03/2012 Bob Gotti)

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