Another Season

We have another season ahead, when we think of death instead,
Instead of the birth of Jesus Christ, Who, came to be a sacrifice,
We think of a Hill called Calvary, where our Savior died on a tree,
When cursed is the one on a tree; this, Christ did for you and me.

It was part of God’s Eternal Plan, for the babe to become a man,
As a body was prepared for Him, Eternal God, to bear all our sin,
He became a curse for everyone, with God’s wrath upon His Son,
Christ paid sin’s eternal cost, as The Sinless Lamb for all the lost.

He was then buried in a tomb, all appeared, to be His final doom,
But in three days to much surprise, from that grave He would rise,
From the tomb Christ had risen again, to be the Savior of all men,
Now, behind Christ was Calvary, while ahead for man was victory.

As this alone is the very reason, we celebrate this Easter Season,
Better known as Resurrection Day, when God for us made a way;
Unlike Christ, we were born in sin, and only in Christ can men win,
That final victory over death, and receive from Him eternal breath.

The victory to be gained by us, is through The Lord, Christ Jesus,
Who as The Savior of all men, enables us to become Born Again,
As believers, still upon this earth, through a spiritual second birth,
And through the Lord Jesus Christ, we instead will see eternal life.

(Copyright ©02/2012 Bob Gotti)

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