From the start to the finish, this life to God I will relinquish,
While each and every day I live, to The Lord, my life I give,
Submitting each day to Christ, I yield to Him my whole life,
To be guided in God’s ways, all my nights and all my days.

God knows all tomorrow holds, before today even unfolds,
So I simply need to live today, living by all God has to say;
To be concerned for tomorrow, will surely welcome sorrow,
This, as all focus is turned away, from living for God today.

Knowing I am in God’s hand, all things I needn’t understand,
And so I do not need to see, things ahead, that may not be,
But focus on my Lord above, believing all that He spoke of,
Trusting Him with all my heart, as I rely on Him from the start.

Acknowledging Him in all I do, as Christ will see me through,
For the work God has begun, He will finish through His Son,
As for us there’s no exemption, all saved in His redemption,
God’s salvation provided to us, by The Savior, Christ Jesus.

So my life’s in God’s hands, even if life’s like shifting sands,
For God is The Rock of Ages, and He alone turns the pages,
Within this book called my life, authored all, by Jesus Christ,
With God’s written plan for me, which continues on Eternally.

(Copyright ©03/2012 Bob Gotti)

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