Sowing For The Lord


As I live in this present world, The Truth of God, I must herald,
While each and every place I go, Truth, my Lord helps me sow,
As my Lord waters every seed, for only He, knows every need,
In every life and in every heart, as God’s Truths to men I impart.

My part is to simply be faithful, sharing Truths, per Christ’s will,
As I was commissioned by Christ, to share His Truth, in my life.
The seed I sow is not for me, but, for The Lord God of Eternity,
Who shall harvest, in His time, some seed I sow, by His design.

For all the seeds that I sow, it’s the Lord that makes them grow,
Of that part, I have no control, for only Christ, can move a soul,
For it’s God’s Spirit from the start, that moves upon every heart,
Moving upon the hearts of men, as only The Lord God truly can.

It’s God, who moves on the earth, offering all men spiritual birth,
While He uses those Born Again, to share this Truth with all men,
The spiritual birth, God speaks of, is born from His Spirit above,
Adopted as Sons of His Family, to live with The Savior eternally.

So we continue to share The Word, until all around us has heard,
Eternal Truth that all need to hear, as the end of time draws near,
The Age of Grace for every nation; the time to accept Salvation,
Afforded by Christ, at Calvary, so all men can now live Eternally.

(Copyright ©03/2012 Bob Gotti)

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