Worship In Adversity

We worship even through adversity, God, Who controls all of eternity,
When we’re down and discouraged, we know, that God has not erred,
As through each trial He shall fulfill, in our life His Eternal, perfect will,
This, as God guides us in this life, through the Power of Jesus Christ.

When we are anxious and afraid, upon The Lord our concerns are laid,
Securing for us inner peace from Him, while in a world, marred by sin,
Through all the trials we now trod, we confidently lift our heart to God,
Though the trials may not cease, God grants us His sustaining Peace.

By our Lord God we are blessed, as past concerns God’s addressed,
As God through our life does lead, taking care of everything we need,
As life on earth may ebb and flow, it is The God of Heaven, we know,
Who actually controls all of our life, even through life’s pain and strife.

As the devastating times do come, we truly know where they are from,
Both good and bad, are from His hand, although we don’t understand,
It remains The Lord, Who we praise, this, as our heart to God is raised,
Worshiping Him through every time, knowing we’re in His grand design.

Although we’re weary and depleted, with God in Heaven we are seated,
Through redemption by our Lord, we are found in Christ, in one accord,
Now having the mind of Jesus Christ, through all of the trials in this life.
We’re looking forward to Heaven above, sustained on earth by His love.

(Copyright ©02/2012 Bob Gotti)

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