Confused Atmosphere

Mother Nature may be confused, just like those, who have used,
This demeaning title to describe, the very God they have denied,
The Lord God, Who orders all, weather patterns, great and small,
He may never enter their minds, while stirring weather of all kinds.

Confused He isn’t or will not be, for He is The Lord of all Eternity,
He is God of Order, up above; controlling weather men speak of,
And they truly don’t understand, He controls the weather at hand,
Confusing only meteorologists, who dream Mother Nature exists.

They forecast the weather to come, not aware of where it is from,
Knowing not who is really behind, the weather they bring to mind,
Being shaken and very surprised, when it’s not as they surmised,
But taking credit from their peers, for saying good weather nears.

Often times, you may even note, as weather is good some gloat,
About the returning of the sun, as if, it’s something they’ve done,
Even though they may shy away, as bad weather comes our way,
Almost with a real reverence to, The Lord, to whom it is truly due.

For He is The Creator of this earth, Ruler over the whole universe,
He has, and always will control, all weather patterns, big or small,
With change meteorologists see, that fools the latest technology,
And it’s those who have refused, God’s Truth, who are confused.

(Copyright ©02/2012 Bob Gotti)

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