Who We Worship

We worship God, for Who He is, Believers, who are forever His,
Redeemed believers on this earth, praising One of eternal worth.
The Lord God is infinite; regarding restrictions, there’s not a hint,
Not at all limited by time or space, larger than any span or place.

God is immutable in all His ways; He’s changed not all His days,
Is the same yesterday and forever, our Lord God changes never.
God’s omnipotent regarding power, more than able, day or hour,
To do anything, mindful of this, God can’t contradict, Who He is.

God is omnipresent, all the time, not simply in Heavenly sublime,
Always present, yes everywhere, at any place God shall be there.
God is omniscient, knowing all, and there’s nothing, big or small,
That The Lord does not know, even where your thoughts may go.

The Lord above has total freedom, as eternity is where He’s from,
He’s free to rule the earth below, in ways that only God can know.
Freedom, God gives to each of us, when we accept Christ Jesus,
Freeing us from the bondage of sin, to live our lives through Him.

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, seated above this earth we trod,
And through The Savior, Jesus Christ, we too, can live a holy life.
The Holy Eternal God is Love, as He reached from Heaven above,
With love He showed to everyone, as He sacrificed His Only Son.

The Lord God is Righteous indeed, an attribute that all must heed,
For all men will be accountable, to Him who died on Calvary’s Hill.
God above is totally Sovereign, reigning in the Spirit and His Son,
And Christ, Who reigns eternally, shall reign on earth for all to see.

The Lord God of Heaven is Truth, with revealed scripture as proof,
Of His Mighty Works of the past, pointing to Truths that shall last,
This, The God we worship today, provided for men The Only Way,
To go from earth to Eternal Life, through the Truth of Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©02/2012 Bob Gotti)

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