Truly Thankful

Today I am truly thankful Lord, for all, to me, that you afford,
For all the peace along the way, that you grant me every day,
On mountain high or valley low, you are there to let me know,
Upon a path, both me and you, on my journey, you foreknew.

On my journey, there’s even more, in Jesus Christ, I’m secure,
When things about me tend to fail, in Christ alone I will prevail,
As you send much needed grace, while I’m in this earthly race,
While on my way to the finish line, on a course of your design.

On this journey, that I speak of, you lead me daily from above,
Guiding me in love all my days, as you teach to me your ways,
Ways, I don’t always understand, as you hold me in your hand,
On the path planned out for me, while you guide me to eternity.

In you, my Lord, I always find rest, through any trial or any test,
Rest, in the most troubled of days, when only you, I can praise,
As you give me an assuring calm, while I’m safely in your palm,
In your hand to stay through all, the earthly trials, big and small.

You afford me, on this journey, so much on my way to eternity,
With so much more ahead for us, who abide in The Lord Jesus,
And till we see our eternal place, we’re sustained by your grace,
Filling us with peace and love, while we long to be home above.

(Copyright ©02/2012 Bob Gotti)

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