Through Every Day

The Lord has and shall always; see me through all my days,
Whatever will come before me, His Gracious hand I will see,
As my life The Lord does guide, with my Savior by my side,
Through any task, large or small, He’s the Lord God over all.

I seek God’s face in the morning, before any trial or warning,
When talking to Him, anywhere, my Lord God’s always there,
I just share what’s on my heart, knowing to me He will impart,
Calm, for another day down here, as I cast to Him every fear.

I always reach the Throne of Grace, any time, from any place,
To talk about issues at hand, all things I may not understand,
God may not alter the day ahead, but He’s always, like I said,
There, whenever I need to talk, anywhere along my daily walk.

Each day from beginning to end, I speak to God, as a friend,
Who helps me with doubt I face, to supply the needed grace,
Always an ear along the way, to help me through another day,
And in God, I’m always assured, I am in the Hand of my Lord.

In my days, as they come and go, this for sure I always know,
I’m guided by The Lord above, who leads me daily in His love,
And when I pause to talk to Him, He fills me with peace within,
Through the day into the night, He is always, my guiding Light.

(Copyright ©02/2012 Bob Gotti)

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