Just A Taste


Come meet The God of Eternity, just taste Truth and you’ll see,
Just how sweet it is to your soul, as you stand with Him in awe,
In awe of what He’s done for us, through His Son, Christ Jesus,
Who had left His Eternal Throne, to make sinners His very Own.

The love of Christ is wonderful, reaching even that darkest fool,
Giving those who’re in the dark, His loving light through a spark,
A spark to take them of the night, into the Lord’s Glorious Light,
The saving light of Jesus Christ, which grants to them a new life.

In only takes but one small taste, to realize that it is not a waste,
To go ahead with a positive nod, to look into The Word of God,
About the Truths of God’s Son, which were written for everyone,
Just why He came into the world, the Truth today that we herald.

Of how by God’s matchless love, He had left His Throne above,
To come down onto this earth, through a prophesied virgin birth,
The Eternal God, yet born a man, to bring God’s Salvation Plan,
Good News to men everywhere, when tasted, you too will share.

That Goodness, of The Lord God, everywhere upon earth’s sod,
When you come to know your place, and God’s abundant Grace,
Your heart and soul will rejoice, as in Truth you lift up your voice,
Saved by Christ from Adam’s fall, you too, in Him will be in awe.

(Copyright © 02/2012 Bob Gotti)

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