What A Ride

Present life can be one big ride, but, in my life God is glorified,
As The Lord guides me through, times and places He foreknew,
Times He ordered in my life, in that I could lean on Jesus Christ,
While God leads me from above, all through this ride I speak of.

My ride has valleys and hills, but lacking an amusement’s thrills,
For although each hill was high, at times they’d bring just a sigh,
Although at times it brought relief, time on the hill was only brief,
With yet another valley in view, that time was short, this we knew.

For on this ride I wasn’t alone, the experience wasn’t just my own,
Along with me in this ride of life, was a God provided loving wife,
By my side in the good and bad, a comfort when times were sad,
Comforted, not only by His grace, but by my wife in all we’d face.

The Lord was with us at every turn, as we helped each other learn,
God’s ways in dark times, as He comforted our hearts and minds,
And when on a hill we’d plateau, in our ride we had come to know,
Hearing the joy within her voice, together in God we would rejoice.

The time together in which we spend, upon this ride will soon end,
For Eternity is ahead for both of us, together with our Lord Jesus,
As soon we’ll both leave this place, to a home afforded by Grace,
And before in my life I have died, I shall say to Christ, what a ride!

(Copyright ©01/2012 Bob Gotti)

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