Yet By Grace

I’ve experienced a lot of grace, while on earth I’ve run my race,
This race on earth, we call life, while being led by Jesus Christ;
The Grace of God, so undeserved, yet by grace I have served,
The Eternal God and Creator, when by Grace, I met The Savior.

God’s Grace I had never known, while Truth I was never shown,
Bible Truths from God of Eternity, yet by Grace, He saved me;
It was God Who loved me first, while an unbeliever at my worst,
Deceived, lost and totally depraved, yet by Grace, I was saved.

After cleansing me of my sin, His Grace to me would just begin,
As I began this life brand new, God’s Grace did see me through;
Starting life on the narrow way, with God leading me day to day,
His Grace was apparent in my life, guided by the Spirit of Christ.

The grace God had granted to me, in a weary world set me free,
Freed from the anxieties of life, in a world that’s filled with strife,
And as I live my life day to day, His Grace given, is here to stay,
To quiet all that anxiety and fear, as life’s troubles do draw near.

His Grace is there at every bend, being all sufficient with no end,
Especially in the darkest of time, surely dispersed by His design,
Grace that brings comfort and light, while in that darkest of night,
Along come trial’s gloomy rays, yet His Grace comforts my days.

(Copyright ©12/2011 Bob Gotti)

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