All Things

It’s another one of those things, as concern within my heart rings,
Concern about just what lies ahead, as my mind entertains dread,
Again I am facing more uncertainty, fixating on what I cannot see,
But all things work out for good, again Truth must be understood.

Today I need to fix my mind again, on the One Who rules all men,
God has the heart of every king, in His hand regarding everything,
Things must not cloud my faith, as God supplies abundant Grace,
His Grace for all that shall come, regardless of where they’re from.

All things come from God above, regardless what I’m thinking of,
As my mind can be swayed by fear, even though my Lord is near,
The One, Who will help me through, even if those fears come true,
For the Lord’s will I cannot resist, and my present life is but a mist.

The things this life avails to me, are allowed by the God of eternity,
Allowed for His purpose in my life, even in times of pain and strife,
Purposes one seldom understands, but, I know I’m in God’s hands,
Resting in God’s Everlasting Arms; protected from all undue harms.

My friend, it’s understood by us, those who belong to Christ Jesus,
All called for the purpose of God, while we’re upon this earthly sod,
Are today being led by Jesus Christ, for the plan of God in this life,
Regardless of big or small, when God says all things, He means all.

(Copyright ©12/2011 Bob Gotti)

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