Another Christmas

Another Christmas

We don’t need another Christmas, but, we need the Lord Jesus,
The Savior, Who was long before, this holiday that many adore;
Whether just a day or the season, many forget He is the reason,
Why we observe Christmas at all, now, it’s tainted by man’s fall.

Christmas day will come and go, but Jesus many need to know,
He is the beginning and the end, well before and after my friend;
On this holiday we call Christmas, by many, The Truth is missed,
He’s the Only Gift we must embrace, sent to all, by God’s Grace.

Not only did Christ come before, but only His Gift’s forevermore,
Christmas will be over my friend, unlike my Lord who has no end,
Christ cannot be packed away, for in a believer He’s here to stay,
For The Lord shall never depart, with God’s Spirit within our heart.

Not only for a holiday season, but for each day He is the reason,
For a believer’s life and breath, since for us, He destroyed death,
And given the gift of eternal life, through that babe, who is Christ,
Now, no longer that babe in a stall, but, our Lord reigning over all.

It’s not Christmas but God above, who fills men with joy and love,
Joy that some men just ignore, knowing not what Christmas is for,
Not knowing the God of Eternity, they’ll look for gifts under a tree,
They don’t need another Christmas, but instead need Christ Jesus.

(Copyright ©10/2011 Bob Gotti)

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