Walking In Assurance

Walking In Assurance

Walking in peace and very assured, is a soul that knows the Lord,
Knowing Him as Lord and Savior, not simply as a God or Creator,
But embracing the work of Christ, so to walk with Him in New Life.
Not following likes of religious men, but by God, now Born Again.

Walking with The Lord each day, I’m granted peace along the way,
Walking with Him as Lord and God, I’m guided on this earthly sod,
As God has a new work for us, when by faith we’re in Christ Jesus,
A new work while upon this earth, when in Christ we have new birth.

This new birth I’m speaking of, comes not from man but up above,
A spiritual birth from The Lord, when on a soul His Spirit is poured,
Poured into the heart of a man, all through God’s providential plan,
God’s Spirit then dwells inside, so in Christ, man can always abide.

With Christ’s Spirit in our heart, The Lord our God will never depart,
And so God’s Peace dwells within, while we walk and abide in Him,
With God’s presence within our life, through our Lord, Jesus Christ,
Through Him we’re in God’s Family, now on our way to life eternally.

God’s assurance, now guides our life, in this world, filled with strife,
Knowing the Creator, so loved us, that God sent to all Christ Jesus,
As God’s Lamb and Perfect Sacrifice, to pay for us, sin’s full price,
With God’s Spirit, as our guarantee, of our life with Christ, Eternally.

(Copyright ©11/2011 Bob Gotti)

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