Different faiths can surely coexist, but a larger concern is missed,
Men who gather of different belief, to foster man’s temporal relief,
From all that opposition and strife, while living together in this life,
But, this man manufactured peace, shall indeed in due time cease.

A body of men that in a mixture, of many faiths misses the picture,
The larger picture all men will face, when they must leave this place,
The awesome picture of eternity, a picture some choose not to see,
But, all will clearly see my friend, an Eternal Picture that has no end.

Eternity no matter what some feel, for every single soul is truly real,
Ignoring eternity to simply coexist, creates not, truth you can resist,
As this present age is dwarfed by, Eternity, in both scope and time,
A time ahead that will never cease, but many shall not see its peace.

The only true peace on earth’s sod, comes from The Only True God,
The only peace provided on the earth, which is also of eternal worth,
A peace that Christ issues here, which extends to the eternal sphere,
That peace which you will only see, if you know The God of Eternity.

Apart from God’s Truth, all will learn, their peace was not of concern,
This as they take in their last breath, only to experience eternal death;
However, God sent His Only Son, down into this world, for everyone,
Sending His Eternal Son, Jesus Christ, so all could have Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©11/2011 Bob Gotti)

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