Around Another Bend

Around Another Bend

With a thankful heart I raise, a heart of thanks to God in praise,
For seeing me thru another bend, as I wait for the ultimate end,
That time ahead, when I shall be, back on my feet, cancer free,
Until then, I look to my God, Who’s comforted me with His rod.

Through chemo and two surgeries, I’m now again on my knees,
Asking for His Grace and Mercies, to do just as The Lord sees;
An unpleasant stay at the hospital, but, I know I’m in God’s will,
For it’s times like this He will shine, for I am His and He is mine.

In a hospital and now back home, God cares for me as his own,
And in this stressful time of life, it’s through a caring loving wife,
Helping me through post surgery, well beyond her care normally,
With grace, comfort and her love, that is directed by God above.

I pray for God’s peace of mind, as God puts my surgery behind.
For helping us both to look ahead, filled with His Peace instead,
As The Lord leads me day to day, not in mine, but in God’s way,
For God’s desire in my life, is Glory and Praise, for Jesus Christ.

It’s not mine to know how or why, but, to only trust God on high,
Who has led me this whole journey, even in ways I could not see,
So, I shall again trust in God alone, to guide me from His Throne,
To hear those words spoken to me, that I’m now truly cancer free.

(Copyright ©10/2011 Bob Gotti)

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