Almost Over

Almost Over

Two legs of my race are done, through the Power of The Son,
The Power of His Grace sustains, me as He, above me reigns,
With doctors being used by God, as I’m led with staff and rod,
He led me this far in a race, through the Power of God’s Grace.

Now with the chemo finished, I wait for the effects to diminish,
This, to get all of my feelings back, so no feelings I shall lack,
Friend again I must lean on Grace, until I get back to the place,
When I see the effects subside, while in Christ I patiently abide.

So now I wait for the next stage, when God turns another page,
Whether there’ll be more surgery, this to date, I have yet to see,
For another paragraph in my life, I’ll patiently wait, with my wife,
Who’s been a support all along, a path that has been very long.

So whatever may lie up ahead, I’ll follow my Lord as He has led,
In all of the prior uncertain times, leading me, all by His designs,
Designs that go above all reason, during a much darker season,
This, in my ever changing life, as I follow The Changeless Christ.

The next leg could be the last, which, by my Lord has been cast,
By The Lord and God’s Decree, while His outcome, we shall see,
So if another surgery is a must, in Christ our Lord, we shall trust,
As any end we face in our story, will be for God’s Ultimate Glory.

(Copyright ©07/2011 Bob Gotti)

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