Be Still

Be Still

Simply be still, my dear soul, for the Lord is in control,
From what makes you quiver, the Lord God will deliver,
When you begin to quake, remember He won’t forsake,
Those, who belong to Him, as He comforts from within.

As He comforts a weary heart, and peace He will impart,
Calming all my undue fear, by His presence always near,
Uplifting me, with His hand, as He helps me understand,
From me He will not depart, while calming a weary heart.

God helps me to fix my mind, as I put my worry behind,
Upon my Savior, up above, as He comforts, in His love,
Setting my mind, by His grace, onto a very stable place,
Recalling He promised me, to guide me through eternity.

God reminds me, I’m whole; heart, mind, body and soul,
Delivered fully by Jesus Christ, to live for Him a new life,
Living in the peace of the Son, as a witness to everyone,
That God can help us cope, through an everlasting hope.

Hope which helps me be still, as my soul is in God’s will,
Calming my heart deep inside, while in Christ, I do abide,
As God fixes my mind above, comforting me in His love,
Knowing God’s preparing me, for life with Christ eternally.

(Copyright ©07/2011 Bob Gotti)

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