Souls In Need of Biblical Truth


There are souls that are totally lost, totally adrift in religious sauce,
A religious soup, created by men, in which The Lord will condemn;
There’re those totally deceived, as The Truth they haven’t received,
Never embracing Truths of Christ, they have no hope of eternal life.

Others want nothing to do, with the One embraced by me and you,
Many truly have no want or desire, for our God, Who reigns higher;
There are men who’ve never heard, the many Truths in God’s Word,
The Eternal Truths in God’s Revelation, that brings one to salvation.

With God’s Purpose and Vision, we must reach men lost in religion,
Through the Truth from His Throne, they must come to Christ alone;
To those deceived by the enemy, The Truth we must help them see,
For in Scripture we are reminded, by Satan they have been blinded.

To all who dismiss God in every way, to God above, we must pray,
That His Holy Spirit, He imparts, to soften up the many hard hearts;
For all who never heard the Gospel, our Commission we must fulfill,
By reaching out into every nation, with the Good News of Salvation.

For all the souls presently lost, we must show the way to The Cross,
To all those deceived in this world, God’s Salvation we must herald,
For souls who want no part of Christ, we need to live a changed life,
Also for those who know not Truth, to be for Christ, His living proof.

(Copyright ©06/2011 Bob Gotti)

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