As He Works Out All Things

As He Works Out All Things

God works out all things for me, in ways I could not foresee,
In ways that could only come, through Jesus Christ, His Son,
Changing the very heart of men, in ways which only God can,
Arranging a path in life for me, all for God’s Praise and Glory.

Even as those problems do occur, it is God’s Will, I can infer,
As our Lord uses many trials for, the Believer and many more,
Unbelievers who watch one’s life, of a believer in Jesus Christ,
To see just how we respond to, the trials God sees us through.

Our trials can be of any scale, but, in The Lord we shall prevail,
Whether trials come big or small, God, is still The Lord over all,
No matter what the magnitude, others watch to see our attitude,
Watching what is said and done, to see our faith, in God’s Son.

God’s Only Son, Christ Jesus, whose Grace is sufficient for us,
For He is the One who sustains, us through our trials and pains,
Sustaining us through His Grace, in each trial that we shall face,
So men see His Grace and Power, even within our darkest hour.

What many may not know friend, is He’s the beginning and end,
Christ knows every circumstance, in His plan there is no chance,
As Christ directs the way we go, down the path we do not know,
While displaying His power in us, with the peace of Christ Jesus.

(Copyright ©06/2011 Bob Gotti)

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