All By Grace

God's Sovereignty

All By Grace

I have been saved by the Grace of God, yes, saved by Christ alone,
God touched me upon this sod, reaching from His Heavenly Throne,
Saving me, with His accepting nod, to adopt me as one of His Own,
As He leads me with staff and rod, from here to my Heavenly home.

God’s Grace fell on me like a flood, coming from His Throne above,
Covering me with own His Blood, that of my Lord, Whom I speak of,
Covering me with peace and love, God’s Grace that fits like a glove,
Through His Spirit like a dove, all by my Lord God’s Awesome Love.

I am now a member of His Family, not only for now, but forevermore,
In God’s Family for all eternity, saved by Him to enter Heaven’s Door,
The very Grace, which saved me, down on me God continues to pour,
While Christ’s Love from Calvary, radiates through my life, even more.

God’s Grace is poured on all men, everywhere upon the present earth,
And when that soul is Born Again, God grants to them a second birth,
Not knowing exactly how or when, but He fills them with joy and mirth,
For at that moment yes it’s then, through Christ we gain Eternal Worth.

Friend, all of this is said and done, through the Power of God’s Grace,
All by God’s Only Begotten Son, Who, directs the very time and place,
And in The Lord Jesus, we are one, when God’s Truth, we do embrace,
And then that time is sure to come, when we will see The Savior’s face.

(Copyright ©05/2011 Bob Gotti)

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