Change To Come

The End Times

Change To Come

Change we see around this world, won’t affect Truths we herald,
In God’s Eternal Holy Word, change by man, cannot be inferred,
But God’s Truth will alter the world, as end time Truth is unfurled,
The Eternal Truths in Revelation, will indeed change every nation.

God’s Restrainer will be lifted, from the earth as souls are sifted,
Separating men still on earth, from those who received new birth,
For those missing, all will search, but, will not find God’s Church,
As Christ raptures His Holy Bride, into earth’s clouds by His side.

Some hearts will begin to fear, as people seem to just disappear,
All, who knew and spoke for God, were no longer on earth’s sod;
Now darkness will fill this place, as God ended the Age of Grace,
And this world shall soon befall, the darkest Government over all.

All darkness will soon give way, to one who’ll subdue public fray,
Stepping onto this world’s stage, as all the world, he will engage,
Promising prosperity that will last, but, his darkness, he will cast,
Turning the world against Israel; prophecies of God, he will fulfill.

God will impose a final change, and the world won’t be the same,
As God destroys all wickedness, replacing it with Righteousness,
While saving Israel, His chosen nation, to fulfill God’s Revelation,
Setting up a Throne in Jerusalem, for the reign of Christ, His Son.

(Copyright ©05/2011 Bob Gotti)

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