Abounding Grace

Abounding Grace

Calm and slow with God I am sure, through this trial I will endure,
As God is with me in this trial, He shall strengthen me, no denial,
Through hardship, whatever I face, God will supply ample Grace,
Grace that’s unlimited friend, all from my God, beginning to end.

Indeed, God’s Grace will abound, this while I face another round,
Another round while in this race, comforted by unyielding Grace,
God’s Grace provided from above, as He leads me, in His Love,
Through yet another trying day, providing comfort along the way.

With His Spirit He keeps me calm, knowing that I am in His Palm,
In God’s grip and there to stay, He helps me through day to day;
God helps me through every turn, as His Spirit helps me to learn,
To lean upon The Lord through all, that’s in any trial, big or small.

Through God’s Grace I find peace, when my trial does not cease,
When my trials are wearisome, the Peace of God’s sure to come,
Always calming to my weary soul, knowing that God is in control,
In every trial or circumstance, God’s Grace comes not by chance.

God’s Grace comes just in time, never by chance but His design,
Dispensed, right from His Throne, as The Lord cares for His own;
His Loving Grace I first received, the moment in Christ, I believed,
His presence shall leave me never, as God’s Love abides forever.

(Copyright ©05/2011 Bob Gotti)

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